How to start 2020 on the right note

7 January 2020 | By Ria Samuel

I have always been a big lover of cities! I especially love the city at night -the shimmering lights, the stunning skyline and impressive skyscrapers teeming with life, each one of them with a different story to tell.

One evening, I was sitting on my building terrace, enjoying the beautiful city view and having a conversation with Father God.

I asked Him, ‘Father, why am I so fond of the city at night?’ He then showed me a vision: Imagine if all these lights were to go out, and there is nothing but absolute darkness. And asked me, ‘Would you still love the city as much as you do now?’ I said, ‘No Lord that would be somber.’ That is when Father God reminded me of the verse in Matthew 5:14You are the light of the world like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

The shimmering golden lights which stand out in the dark reminds me of the great light, despite the darkness, giving hope that a beautiful morning is not too far away.

As we crossover 2020 together, let us leap forward knowing fully who we are in Christ Jesus. You and I are called to be the light of this world. We are the carriers of hope, joy and peace through Christ Jesus. Romans 8:28.

Jesus wants every one of us to know Him because of the transforming power of that knowledge and because of the indescribable joy it brings into our lives. Nonetheless, the influence of the Gospel is to extend beyond each individual. It is to be as a light that scatters the darkness from the lives of those around us. No one is saved solely and simply for himself alone, just as no lamp is lighted merely for its own benefit.

2020 is your year to let the little light inside you shine on others to bring love.