5 ways to be Encouraged in your Waiting Season

30 December 2019 | By Pastor Vinod Salve

Waiting can be very tiring, especially when you can’t do anything to change or cut short the waiting period. Instead of being frustrated or sad in this period, why not wait with a smile?

I would like to share with you a few things that will change your waiting period, so you can enjoy this season of your life as well.

Here are five ways to make your wait worthwhile:


1) The battle is not yours: The enemy will provoke you to take the battle in your hand and get you to fight in your own strength to tire you. Goliath provoked Israel to fight for 40 days & 40 nights. The best thing you can do is not step into the ring with the devil, instead resist the thought. Allow God to fight for you (2 Chronicles 20:15).

2) Stay Obedient in your waiting period: David was obedient to his father, when he asked him to hand over lunch boxes to his brothers – mind you he was anointed by Prophet Samuel by then. However David did not let his anointing became his identity, but his character spoke louder than his anointing.
Do not get disheartened with your low income, low class job or waiting period; believe that the anointing of God will bring blessings in your life. However you got to stay obedient and in submission to God’s Word.

3) Turn your back to distraction: If the enemy is not successful in provoking you at first, he may use someone else to distract you. If David had given heed to his brother Eliab, he might have ended up fighting Eliab instead of Goliath (1 Samuel 17:29-30). Do not get distracted in frivolous things as you wait on the Lord, keep your focus on Jesus.

4) Is your heart on the provision or the provider? David did not really bother about the reward of killing Goliath, instead, he  focused on the goodness and power of God (1 Samuel 17:36). Let’s check our hearts to see what motivates us – the blessing we are waiting for or the One who blesses us?

5) Use your past testimonies to defeat your current Goliath: When asked by Saul, David used his past testimonies of killing the lion and the bear to defeat the tall Goliath standing in front of him. Your testimonies are your greatest weapon, remember them and be encouraged because you are on the victory ground.

Today let us commit that we will no longer be discouraged by the waiting period, rather enjoy the goodness of God in this waiting season.