Times of Refreshing

26 March 2018 | By Suketu Shah

This poem is an expression of God’s abounding grace and everlasting love that refreshes the poet’s soul in times of trouble. In tough times he found himself sitting around a pile of troubles in his business, finance and family. In all his brokenness, he was drawn back to Almighty God’s grace and love. The love of Jesus changed his time of trouble into times of refreshing.

Abandoned and lonely,
Struggling to win my battles,
Grieved and stressed,
As if something is holding back
As if something is pulling away
As if there is none who cared
As if there is none to hear

Then I called upon “I AM” the Lord
He comes for me whenever I call
He loves me with Eternal love
His grace on me is simply abounding
Flowing with mercy He cleansed my sins
Helping me overcome all my weaknesses

I was once filled with sorrow n grief
Till I came to know I AM the Lord
He sent His angels to my rescue
And then came the times
The times of refreshing