The Christ of Christmas

28 December 2017 | By Dr. Jonathan D’Souza

A poem straight from my heart that speaks of Jesus’ Lordship. This is an expression of His love and compassion and the true meaning of Christmas.

KING of kings, LORD of lords
The true Master of the Universe
He chose not a mansion, no stately home
His humility preceded His earthly birth
Through the virgin’s womb, was He born in a lowly manger

Wrapped in swaddling cloth
Marked for death at His birth
The Heavens proclaimed His coming
Shepherds received Divine Breaking News
Kings from afar visited Him

Our Creator dwelled among us
We, unworthy to untie His shoelaces
He showered compassion, on us who didn’t deserve
Our pain and sorrow moved Him to tears

Yet, we chose to crucify Him, our Savior
In our foolishness, we inflicted pain
Still, He thought of us in His most painful moments
Gladly sacrificed himself
Not pleading for mercy on himself, but on us

My Savior greeted death with defeat
The foundations of hell He shook
He conquered the Grave and
Restored Hope for the living

Christmas is about my Christ
His undying love for me and you
No poem, no prose, no sonnet
No philosophy, no thought
Can comprehend His love for me and you
This is what Christmas is for me
Relationship eternal, renewed with my Maker!