How to Build a Strong Foundation for your Family.

11 September 2019 | By Ruta Miller

We always worry about building our tomorrow. We make plans to build a house, build a life, build a family to have a better future. While we are building a future, what is the foundation we are standing on.  The Holy Spirit taught me how the answers to the three important questions will reveal the things I had built my house and my life on.

1) Who is that most important person in your life? Someone without whom you wouldn’t be able to imagine your life

For me it was my mother, I could never imagine my life without her. I realised, the devil had used this weakness to torture me. I would be tormented by the thought of how would I be ever able to live if anything happened to her. After I got married, my husband Miller got added to the list.

2) What has the ability to shake your peace/ the peace in your house?

I grew up in a neighborhood witnessing lack of money getting the worse out of people. There were fights, verbal & physical abuse, frustrations, destruction in families that lived near us. Praise be to God! He kept my family and me away from this distress. While there was little, we had learnt to be content with it. However this started to affect me in the later years of my life when people who mattered to me started to get affected by lack and I was reminded of my childhood.

3) What is your dependency on?

It is important to choose the right place of rest when you are emotionally, physically or spiritually tired. When you are weary fighting the battles where do you go? cigarette shop/ Alcohol shop/ friends to gossip who agree with you and tell you this is life?

I heard a man of God say, there was once a man named Samson, mighty & blessed. He got tired and found a comfortable place to rest his head: Delilah’s lap. However, he woke up stripped off every blessing. Samson had the most expensive haircut in history. (Judges 16)

There was another man named Jacob, he too was mighty and blessed. When he got tired, he rested his head on a stone, a rock. He discovered a ladder to heaven there. (Genesis 28: 10-17)


A construction engineer has to excavate all the unwanted things by digging deep, until he reaches a ROCK and then drill the foundation on that ROCK. He does not built his foundation on loose sinking sand. 

A fool builds his foundation on the sinking sand of money, family name, influence, social status, education,  intelligence and self righteousness. From afar, it may look like an unbeliever is enjoying a perfect life filled with blessings.

And here you are, not yet started building your house.

You are thinking – I am still single! I still did not get a promotion! I still do not have a baby! My family is still not saved ! My bank balance is still zero!

Little do the fools know that the house on a sinking sand is all going to crumble at the first wave, but the House that is build on THE ROCK will remain.

Rejoice my dearest, because you are still digging. When your house is built, it is going to be extra ordinary and nothing will be able to shake it.

How do I Build on the ROCK?

“Why are you so polite with me, always saying ‘Yes, sir,’ and ‘That’s right, sir,’ but never doing a thing I tell you? These words I speak to you are not mere additions to your life, homeowner improvements to your standard of living. They are foundation words, words to build a life on (Luke 6:46-47 The Message MSG)

It is by simply obeying all that Jesus has asked us to do.

Honestly, it is humanly impossible to do all that He is asking us to.  Someone asks the shirt, gift wrap your coat. Someone slaps you, present the other cheek, pray for your enemies. However the beauty of God’s love is that whenever He asks us to do something He equips us first. What is impossible to man is possible to God. (Luke 18:27)

He gives us the Holy Spirit who helps us accomplish all that He asks us to do. We have to build our house on Jesus and His ways with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Build your house on the Cornerstone – Jesus.

Today, make a change to place Jesus first in your life, to rest your head on him, surrender your burdens to Him when you are weary and depend on Him.

Choose to be a Jacob not a Samson.