4 Step Prayer Towards your Family’s Salvation

2 December 2018 | By Sheryl Gadre

I love the holiday season; it is filled with an overload of family get together for weddings, Christmas eve and New year’s eye. This is one time of the year we make an effort to be together as a family, which also means we get very busy in things like planning parties, shopping and cooking.

In our busy schedule, let’s take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas. We received a beautiful gift of Love that came down in a humble form of a baby. Jesus then went on to pay a perfect and ultimate sacrifice on the cross so we ALL (me and my family) can walk in the fullness of God’s Love.

Do you also have a family you have been praying for?

Do you know God has placed you in this family because you are the reason they will be open to a relationship with God?

We have to allow God to work in their lives through us. It is not in our hands to change their hearts but it is our job to love them.

  1. Obey & Believe God’s Word:
    Obedience to the voice of the Lord means that each day you do what God wants you to do, no matter what you family does. Do not let your feelings or their reactions rule over you.
    Jesus said Love is the greatest commandment of all. (Mark 12:31)
    Paul writes that if our intention is not love the actions profit us nothing. (1 Corinthians 13)
    Show them you love them.
  2. Rejoice in Hope:
    Let us look past the outside and look at the inside; see your family as children of God. I always thought that I was the only one praying for my family. It was like a burden I was called to carry. Knowing that God is the one that wants my family in His Kingdom has set me free and the burden is off. This makes it easier for me to rejoice in hope.
    So have no doubt and rejoice that God wants to see your family in His Kingdom more than you do.
  3. Get out of the way:
    Once a mother cried out to God for her son saying “I have done everything but he still will not change”. God replied to her “just get out of the way and let me”.
    We tend to preach to our family constantly by telling them right for wrong. Its time you step back and let God work in them.
    God is seeking your family every day. Trust God and wait on His promise. (Psalms 27:4)
  4. Don’t give up:
    When you get discouraged and feel like you can’t do this anymore, lean on Jesus. We serve a God of Hope and Miracle, He will fill you with joy, peace and hope. (Romans 15:13)
    It is God’s deepest desire to see your family come to Him. You are not alone, He is with you.

Let us make this our prayer this holiday season “My family and I walk in the fullness of God’s Love