Bring Those Walls Down

9 April 2018 | By Ruta Miller

Usually in the afternoons, I never step out. I prefer to be in the comfort of my house enjoying the air conditioning. The other day, I had to be in the afternoon heat for a couple of hours. I was exhausted, sweaty and desperately wanted to be back home for a shower. I was not taking the discomfort really well.

This reminded me of Nehemiah in the Bible. He was a cup bearer to the King Artaxerxes before he chose to follow God’s leading. He left all the comforts of the palace and decided to go to Jerusalem, a desolate place to rebuild the walls.

To me, Nehemiah’s character reflects Jesus all the way. Jesus was at a place of importance enjoying the best of everything, seated at God’s right hand.

What did He give it up all for?

Jesus chose to come down to earth, leaving the comfort of Heaven so we have direct access to God the Father. He did not have to do it, but He willfully did it for His Father’s sake. Jesus left all the comforts for you and me.

Further Nehemiah rebuilt the walls around the city in 52 days. The temple was already built by Zerubbabel, but the city walls were still old, broken and feeble. I wondered, why Nehemiah thought it was important to rebuild the walls.

What did it mean?
Walls are built for protection and safety. Walls take me back to the tale of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-27). Until the walls of Jericho stood strong the people in the city felt safe. When the walls came down, the people were open to the attack of the enemy.

When Jesus entered my heart, He made me His Temple. However I still had some old walls of pride, self-centeredness, doubt and fear, which hindered my walk with the Lord. He started His good work in me by gradually changing me inside out (Philippians 1:6). He was patiently demolishing these strongholds in me. These were the walls of Jericho in me which had to come crashing down for the King of Glory to accomplish His work in me.

Nehemiah did not start rebuilding the walls of the Temple on the old feeble walls. He had to demolish the old wall to rebuild the new ones from scratch. That was the only way to build a strong wall for protection and safety from the enemy.

The Holy Spirit revealed himself as my Nehemiah, bringing down the old walls and building new walls of faith, peace and unwavering trust in God.

With these new walls around my heart, I experience a peace that passes all understanding,
I now know, no dart of the enemy can work against me.