Start your New Year on a High

KSI Collected

We all make New Year resolutions and most times can’t keep with it. We find excuses to escape out of it; one excuse that always works is “being busy”.

Surely, you must have already made a list of things to do for this year like meditating on the word of God and seeking Him in prayers.

Here is some inspiration to keep you going for the year.

Have you heard about Fanny Crosby?

Fanny Crosby lived from 1820-1915. She is widely regarded as “the most prolific and significant writer of gospel songs in American History.” In her prime, she would write as many as 7 hymns per day and is thought to have penned more than 8,000 in her lifetime, with more than 100 million copies printed.

Guess what! Fanny Crosby was blind from infancy. And yet she was able to memorize the first five books of the Bible, the four Gospels, the Proverbs, and most of the Psalms!!!

What is your excuse today for not pursuing God’s Word?

Let this example change our hearts and remind us in those days, when we are too busy or too tired, to lean on God’s word. Because our strength and blessings for the year ahead comes from God.

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