Find A Safe Place

17 August 2017 | By Suketu Shah

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)

I had a lesson in school about what to do when you face an earthquake. I don’t remember much details, but the phrase “find a safe place” remained with me until today. The safest place according to the book was being under a table.

Question is, when in a midst of chaos or under an attack, how do we find a safe place.

Matthew chapter 2, talks about Jesus’ first night on earth as a baby. He was visited by the wise men of east and the Shepherds with gifts. At the same time Herod made schemes to kill Jesus because a new king was a threat to his kingship.

Now I would call out may day in a situation like this, but I believe Mary and Joseph ran to God that night to know where to find a safe place. God said two things. (Matthew 2: 13-14)

@ Flee to Egypt – in times of attack or chaos, if we seek God he will direct us to a safe place. We will find shelter under his chosen table where nothing can come near us.

@ Stay there – where ever God has placed us, we must hold our position and not be anxious to move ahead until the time is right.

Where ever you are now, no matter how long u have been here, be joyfully in the SAFE PLACE God has chosen for you. God will call you out of it in the right time.

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