Praise God!

14 June 2017 | By Merlyn Dwivedi

In this post, I would like to share about the kingdom principle of PRAISE. The word ‘praise’ is found abundantly in Psalms. Praise is to express admiration or to acknowledge someone’s goodness. The most used quote “PRAISE GOD” simply means that we proclaim how great and awesome GOD is. There are two ways of praising GOD, one way is by talking to Him and the other way is when we talk to others about Him.

So, why should we praise God?
Let’s look at some of the scriptures from Psalms. God is with us in our every need. (Psalm 113:7). Our God is good and it is pleasant to praise Him; for the God we serve is above all gods. (Psalm 135:3-5). His power is mighty and greatness is excellent (Psalm 150 :2)

When do we praise God?
We praise Him now and forever; today and in the future. He is to be praised in the morning and in the evening (Psalm 113:2-3).

How do we praise God?
By dancing and singing on music with the help of different instruments. (Psalm 149:3; Psalm 150:3-5)

Who should praise God?
As Psalm 150:6 says, everything that has breath praise the Lord!

In our Christian walk, we must learn to praise God for not only what He does for us or gives us, but also for what He is to us. We must come to a point, where we praise Him continually. A praise like this flows from the fullness of a grateful heart!

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